Speeding Grid

Favourites on iPad

Favourites Flagged items are similar to Favourites where they hold a collection of references that are frequently used. To make an item Flagged open the item in a view and tap the flag icon in the top border. are items of reference, such as offences, explanatory materials or pronouncments that you wish to have quick access to. You might use Favourites to hold a list of all the offences due to be dealt with at Court or a list of the most typical offences for your type of Court hearing.

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Speeding grid on iPad

The Speeding grid tool provides a quick reference for the offences of speeding. Speeding These Excess alcohol offences are charged with the unit amount of alcohol measurement in breath, blood or urine detailed within the description of the offence. Check which offence is charged and select the appropriate band from the uppper (drive/attempt drive) or lower (in charge) grid. The links Totting up disqualification, Speeding guideline and Penalty notices will open the respective offence guidelines.

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