Subscriptions to the Sentencing Guidelines App have now stopped

Ambay Software Ltd. are no longer making available new subscriptions to the Sentencing Guidelines App. Customers with existing subscriptions may continue to use the App and Tools until their subscription has expired. The Sentencing Guidelines App continues to be supported where an existing subscription is in place. Once your subscription has expired you may consider migration to the new Sentencing Tools App which provides the popular Tools from the Sentencing Guidelines App into a new App available from Apple iTunes. The Sentencing Guidelines App is no longer offered for sale but can still be reinstalled and used if previously purchased.

Consider using the Sentencing Tools App

The Tools and Utilities available within the Sentencing Guidelines App are now available within the Sentencing Tools App. These utilities include:

  • Fines calculator
  • Driver rehabilitation dates calculator
  • Overweight vehicles fines calculator
  • Directions
  • Pronouncement Builder
  • (Some additional tools will be added in next releases)

The Sentencing Tools app does not contain Definitive Guidelines. Judges and Magistrates should reference the Sentencing Council provided online Magistrates Court Sentencing Guidelines. These are available to Magistrates using the Court provided iPad.

Sentencing Tools for Apple iPad/iPhone

Download from Apple AppStore

The Sentencing Tools App for iOS is free to download and requires a paid £25 Subscription to provide access to all of the Tools and Utilities. Download the App and email to organise your subscription.

Sentencing Tools 2019 for Android

Download from Google Play Store Download from Amazon App Store

The Sentencing Tools 2019 App for Android can be purchased from the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store from the buttons below. The App purchase price is £24.99 and can be purchased online from the above Google Play Store for your Android tablet or Amazon App Store on your Kindle Fire tablet.


Judicial reference

The Sentencing Guidelines App provides comprehensive indexes for the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines, explanatory material, bench books, pronouncement cards and CPS legal guidance.

Favourites & Flagged

Mark offences for today’s court listing and defendant offences as favourites for quick reference. Build your regularly referenced items into your flagged items list.


The fines calculator is a bespoke utility to help Magistrates, Judges and Solicitors quickly calculate total fines penalty including victim surcharge, costs and compensation.

Disqualification Dates Calc

Calculate disqualification dates including discount for drink driver rehabilitation dates. Short disqualification dates lookup. Adjournement dates lookup.

Pronouncement builder

Supports the presiding justice in the preparation of multiple pronouncements for display and read-out with familiar colour coded cards.

Customer support

Judges, Magistrates, Advocates & Legal Advisors.
Same day customer support including technical advice, installation help, subscription management.