Settings and customising Sentencing Guidelines for iPad

2 October 2017

The Sentencing Guidelines App can be customised for personal preferences and judicial information.

To customise the Sentencing Guidelines App, open Settings and scroll down the left hand column until you locate Sent Guides. Tap on Sent Guides to display all the settings for the App.

Fines and overweight vehicles calculators

The Fines calculator and Overweight Vehicles calculator have a number of buttons and values that can be customised. These include the following:

  • RWI is relevant weekly income which is used for determining a fine. Parliament sets the amounts for RWI which is published by The Sentencing Council. There are two values for RWI. Employed (currently) £440 and In receipt of Benefits (currently) £120.
  • There are four Costs buttons. By default these are set at £60, £85, (perhaps a contribution towards costs) £120 (single-justice costs), £135 (summary only prosececution), £185 (either-way prosecution)
  • Victim Surcharge is by default set to 10% for an defendant over 18 years of age in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court.
  • Rounding is set to Down £1. This is mathematical rounding down to floor. For example, a fine of £256.87 will round down to £256.00.
  • Offences(s) on or after 8th April 2016; For offences committed before this date a lower scale of victim surcharge fees must be imposed. The vast majority of offences will be committed after this date.


  • Number of recent updates to show is how many updates are displayed on the What’s New page. Note: the version number of your App is always shown on the What's New menu.

Fines calculator settings

The same settings are available on an iPhone in Settings > Sent Guides.


  • Magistrates’ Association; entering your Surname and MA number will provide access to additional MA authored content. For an MA number starting with a letter, omit the letter and just enter the numbers.
  • Your iPad’s existing accessibility settings should be used in preference to these settings.

Exclude this content

  • Exclude this content allows you to remove the menu items for the following indexes.

List defaults

  • Select which are your default indexes. For example, a Magistrate sitting as a Family Judge may configure Bench Books and Pronouncement Cards to Family to avoid having to switch index everytime they open the App. ( 0, , , , , , , , , , , ) Fines calculator settings

Probation CRC companies

Select the Probation Companies which cover your Court locations. This will provide additional Probation information (where published) for your area.

Fines calculator settings

PDF Viewer

The Adobe PDF viewer can be customised to change the appearance of the top-toolbar including the option to remove this while viewing a document. If selected, a tap on the PDF page will redisplay the toolbar.

Fines calculator settings