Guideline fines reference on iPad

2 October 2017

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Guideline fines table

The Guideline fines table is a legacy document formerly maintained by the Judicial College and found at the back of the Adult Court Pronouncement Cards. This quick reference document is maintained by Ambay Software because it is a useful quick reference guide and training resource for recently appointed Magistrates and Judges.

Marked on the table are the current Relevant weekly income for employed £440 and in receipt of benefits £120. These are the assumed amounts for Employed and In receipt of benefits where no income information has been provided by the defendant. For example, this may happen where a defendant has accidentally or deliberately failed to notify the Court of their means of income.

These are the default values within the Sentencing Guidelines App however these can be changed if there is little notice given by The Sentencing Council to change these values. These values are changed via (Apple iOS) Settings > Sent Guides or (Android) Prefs.

adjournment dates and short disqualification dates

The links Totting up disqualification, Speeding guideline and Penalty notices will open the respective offence guidelines.

Band E and Band F

Additional Fine Bands E and Band F are supported by your Fines Calculator.

Fine Band E provides for a fine at between 300% and 500% of relevant weekly income with the midpoint at 400%.

Fine Band F provides for a fine at between 500% and 700% of relevant weekly income with the midpoint at 600%.