Favourites on iPad

2 October 2017


Flagged items are similar to Favourites where they hold a collection of references that are frequently used. To make an item Flagged open the item in a view and tap the flag icon in the top border. are items of reference, such as offences, explanatory materials or pronouncments that you wish to have quick access to. You might use Favourites to hold a list of all the offences due to be dealt with at Court or a list of the most typical offences for your type of Court hearing.

To place an item onto your list of favourites, just tap a star adjacent to an index entry, the star will turn yellow and that item has been added to your Favourites. To remove an item from favourites, just tap the yellow star to make it white.

The following show some offences being made Favourite.

Offences index

You can also make items favourite from a set of search results.

Search results with item being made favourite

Tap the Fav button to see the Favourites pop-up.

Search results with item being made favourite