Drink drive rehabilitation course dates calculator on iPad

2 October 2017

The Drink drive dates calculator tool provides for the definitive calculation of reduced disqualification dates for successful completion of the drink drive rehabilitation course.

Drink driver rehabilitation course

The Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines describes the maximum reduction in driver disqualification period available for the successful completion of an approved drink driver rehabilitation course. These are found upon page 450, paragraph 21:

21. The reduction must be at least three months but cannot be more than one quarter of the total period of disqualification:

• a period of 12 months disqualification must be reduced to nine months;

• in other cases, a reduction of one week should be made for every month of the disqualification

Therefore, a disqualification of a 12-month period may be offered a maximum discount of 3-months; a disqualification of 13-months may be offered a maximum discount of 13-weeks, a disqualification of 14-months may be offered a discount of 14-weeks, and so forth.

Additionally, the drink drive rehabilitation course must be completed 2-months before the last day of reduced disqualification, otherwise the full non-reduced disqualification must be served before being permitted to apply for a driving licence to drive again. The disqualified driver should be told that they must have a driving licence in hand before driving again.

Using the drink driver rehabilitation course date calculator

Move the scrolling wheel under “Period of disqualification”. By default this will start at a minimum period of 12-months. The is the minimum period of disqualification for a driver convicted of the offence of driving or attempting to drive with excess alchohol. The drink drive dates calculator will automatically calculate the following dates: * Last day of disqualification (without any discount) * Maximum reduction period (upon succcessful completion of course) * Course to be completed by date * Last day of reduced disqualification

drink drive rehabilitation course dates

There are collection of links on the calculator which provide shortcuts to relevant reference information.

Tapping the Popup Dates link will display the course dates in a format for pronouncement at court as shown below: pop-up dates for readout

Interim disqualification

A defendant pleading guilty to the Offence of Driving with excess alcohol with an extremely high reading or other serious aggravating factors may be subject to probation interview where a community order, a suspended sentence or custody are being considered. In these circumstances the driver is given an interim disqualification with the period of disqualification determined at the next sentencing hearing. This sentencing hearing must take into account the date that the interim disqualification was imposed and then calculate the period of disqualification from this earlier interim disqualification date.

Tap the today’s date (shown above with a red arrow) and rewind the calendar to the date the interim disqualification was imposed. All of the dates then adjust to this interim disqualification date.

pop-up dates for readout