Preferences and customising Sentencing Guidelines on Android

2 October 2017

The Sentencing Guidelines App can be customised for personal preferences and judicial information.

To customise the Sentencing Guidelines App, open the Sentencing Guidelines App, tap the ellipsis button (…) to display the preferences and settings.


Selecting either Text or Icons will switch the tools from text to graphic icons.

Fines and overweight vehicles calculators

The Fines calculator and Overweight Vehicles calculator have a number of buttons and values that can be customised. These include the following:

  • There are four Costs buttons. By default these are set at £60, £85, (perhaps a contribution towards costs) £120 (single-justice costs), £135 (summary only prosececution), £185 (either-way prosecution)
  • RWI is relevant weekly income which is used for determining a fine. Parliament sets the amounts for RWI which is published by The Sentencing Council. There are two values for RWI. Employed (currently) £440 and In receipt of Benefits (currently) £120.
  • Victim Surcharge is by default set to 10% for an defendant over 18 years of age in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court.
  • Rounding is set to Down £1. This is mathematical rounding down to floor. For example, a fine of £256.87 will round down to £256.00.

Highlight index items

  • This option will mark items recently updated in the period of days selected. The index entry will appear with a light green background.

Offence sorting

  • This option will determine how your Offence index is sorted. By default A-Z, optionally By Page, By Act, By Group (of offences)

Pronouncement Sorting

  • This option will determine the default Pronouncement cards, by default Adult, optionally Family, Youth, Oedolion, Teulu, Iuenctid.

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