Pronouncement builder on Android

2 October 2017

The Magistrates’ Court usually sits with three Magistrates with the one sitting in the middle seat acting as the presiding justice; the other Magistrates colloquially known as “Wingers”. While all three Magistrates are jointly and equally involved in bail, remand, allocation and sentencing decisions, the presiding justice will speak for the Bench in asking questions of witnesses and defendants and will pronounce any sentencing decision made by the Bench.

Many presiding justice pronouncements will be relatively straight forward such as imposing a fine and points, a community order or driver disqualification. However, where an offence or offending is more complex more pronouncements need to be made and read to the Court and defendant.

The Pronouncement builder utility allows a presiding justice (or a supporting Magistrate) to collate these pronouncement cards in the order needed for an understandable and logical reading of the sentence. Pronouncement builder may collate pronouncement cards from any of the court pronouncements mixing Adult, Family and Youth, Adult and Youth Welsh language.

Building your pronouncements

The following animation shows a collection of cards being dragged and dropped from the Adult court pronouncements onto the selected list. When ordered correctly the View button shows these pronouncement cards in the sequence in which they were ordered.

Building your pronouncements (animated gif)

Amending your pronouncements collection

Tapping the Clear button will delete the collection of pronouncement cards and return to the editor. Tapping the Edit button moves directly to the editor with the current cards still in their original order. This would allow the addition of a missed card or their reordering before Viewing again.

Edit your collection of pronouncement cards View collection of pronouncement cards View collection of pronouncement cards