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Sentencing Guidelines App Overview


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    For an overview of the Sentencing Guidelines App for iPad tap on the following YouTube:

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    App Overview

    The Sentencing Guidelines App is designed for use in Courts in England and Wales providing a comprehensive Judicial resource for all types of court use. The App supports Magistrates, Advocates or Legal Advisors in Crown, Adult, Youth, Family and Welsh Courts, including their specific Bench Books, Explanatory Material, Definitive Guidelines and Pronouncement Cards.

    The Sentencing Guidelines Annual Subscription further provides a suite of tools for Fines Calculation, drink drive rehabilitation course dates, adjournment and community order sentence dates, speeding & alcohol grid.

    Purchase & Annual Subscription

    £24.99 App Purchase and £24.99 Annual Subscription = £49.98

    The Sentencing Guidelines App is purchased for £24.99 and requires an Annual Subscription costing £24.99. The Annual Subscription provides access to judicial updates and a suite of bespoke court tools for Fine Calculation, Drink drive disqualification date calculation, Excess alcohol and Speeding grid, Overweight Vehicles Fine Calc and various court forms and reference. Judicial updates include the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines and all Definitive Guidelines from the Sentencing Council, Bench Books and Pronouncement cards issued by the Judicial College.

    Optional judicial content includes CPS Legal Guidance, Criminal Procedure Rules, Dangerous Offenders, Sexual Offences and Highway Code.

    Supported platforms & devices

    Apple iOS devices are supported via the Apple App Store. Android devices are supported by the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire HD devices. Microsoft Windows 8 and RT are supported via the Windows Store.

    Our Google Chromebook and Chrome browser version of the Sentencing Guidelines App extends support to older versions of Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 7, Linux and Apple Macbook or Mac devices using the Google Chrome browser.

    Training Resources

    We have a number of App Solutions that will help you make the most of your app. These include guides for customising your app and maintaining it so that you can fix many potential problems should they arise. We have guides in video format, as well as step-by-step explanations which use images of the screen of your relevant device. You can find the those solutions here.

    Where to buy

    Click the appropriate App Store logo or link below to purchase the Sentencing Guidelines App.

    Apple iPad including the 1st generation iPad, iPad Mini through to iPad Air. The App is also supported on iPhone 5 or later, but is not recommended for Court use.
    Android tablets supporting Gingerbread v2.3 or later. Your device will require an SDCard or equivalent internal storage. Available from the Google Play Store here.
    Amazon Kindle Fire HD. See here for how to find the App on the Amazon App Store.
    Chromebook or Chrome browser available from the Chrome Web Store here.
    Notebooks & tablets supporting Microsoft Windows 8/RT available from the Windows Store here.