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Sentencing Guidelines for Chrome browser


  • Introduction
  • Purchase and Download
  • App Tips and Solutions
  • Introduction

    Sentencing Guidelines for Chrome provides a solution for Magistrates and Advocates who use the Google Chrome browser on Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac and Linux or use a Google Chromebook. The Sentencing Guidelines App for Chrome can be used off-line to manage favourites, Bench Book, pronouncements, perform fine calculations and driver rehabilitation dates.


    Supporting Google’s Chrome browser the App is installed via the Google Chrome Web Store.

    Purchase and Download

    The Google Chrome browser is required to install and run this software. Download Google Chrome browser from this link.

    Install Sentencing Guidelines for Chrome from this link at the Chrome Web Store.

    App Tips and Solutions

    We have a number of App Solutions that will help you make the most of your app. These include guides for customising your app, and maintaining it so that you can fix many potential problems should they arise, as well as information about the various tools you will find at your disposal.

    You can find the Chrome solutions here.